Are business cards obsolete or still valuable?

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Statistics are fascinating. we recently came across a blog about the value of printed business cards. Have to look:

For every 2000 cards distributed, sales rise by 2.5 percent. To put it another way, many minor, subtle improvements will add up to big results. Let’s do the easy math for a $100,000 annual small revenue company. On $100,000, 2.5 percent equals $2500. The cards would save you less than $100. You don’t need to be a math genius to see that’s a fantastic Return on Investment! That’s an extra $25,000 in revenues for a company with a $1 million turnover.

In less than a fortnight, 88 percent of business cards are thrown out. That leaves 12% who might transform into consumers or valuable connections. In other words, business cards convert at a rate of 12 percent, which is more than five times the conversion rate of the typical website, which is 2.35 percent.

If your card seems to be cheap, 39% of customers will refuse to do business with you. According to an old estimate, 72 percent of people judge a corporation based on a business card. Your business card is one component of your chance to make an excellent first impression.

So, I guess business cards are still valid nowadays!

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