Is email marketing still successful?

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The first thing that comes to mind is whether or not email marketing is still booming. Do companies still really gather emails because other digital marketing methods, such as SEO and social media, have transformed how we think about communicating with companies and generating leads?

The answer, strangely enough, is that email marketing continues to thrive. Although many of us claim not to use email very much, it remains a mainstay that yields surprising results, especially in particular niches. Not only is an email marketing strategy a perfect way to push traffic to your brands, but it also has some other advantages, which we will discuss in more depth below.

Also, after all this time, customers are still receptive to emails if they were opt-in to receive them and the emails in question are helpful and not spam. This is a powerful method of eCommerce digital marketing that company owners can’t afford to ignore if they want to boost their brand and engage consumers. Email marketing is a powerful tool for connecting with consumers and increasing revenue.

The Most Important Advantages of Email Marketing

So, how does email marketing help the company in particular? It’s important to note that email is a somewhat different format than what you’re used to in digital marketing. Email campaigns must be designed in such a manner that they push action but still building loyalty to deliver value to the email list and making them feel like a member of a group rather than just a prospective client. Some people find it tough to strike the right balance, which is why hiring a specialist communications firm can be beneficial.

An Effective Method For Driving Conversions

The opportunity to increase traffic and conversions is the first and most important advantage of email marketing. If you’ve carefully cultivated a trusting email list, an email blast can be an effective way to get an explosion of qualified traffic to the most valuable deals quickly.

This is important, so we’re not dealing with cold leads. Some customers already know who you are as a brand or corporation and, theoretically, have some relationship with you. You are well set up to achieve conversions for an email campaign if you have handled the list with care and understand how to message correctly using email. This is without a doubt one of the most compelling arguments to use email in your digital marketing campaign.

The Perfect Way To Connect with Customers

It’s not just about conversions in this case. To build a solid online brand, you have to invest time with your audience… Sure, social media is a beautiful way to chat to new and past customers right away, but an email list offers a level of exclusivity that fosters a stronger bond than social media networks can.

Being a member of an email list is similar to being a member of a club. You gain access to their email newsletter as well as exclusive offers and discounts. While everyone can enter, there’s something unique about feeling that you’re one of an entire group of people who have access to those deals. Part of what makes email lists so quickly profitable for eCommerce companies in the sense of exclusivity. Email allows you to promptly obtain input about your shopping experience and connect freely with your clients in a far more targeted and intimate manner than social media.

ANNOUNCEMENTS AND Promotions Speaking about sales, one of the most valuable reasons to create a list in the first place is to make announcements via email campaigns. It can be tough to let people know you’re doing a special promotion or offering a special discount. You can put a sign at the top of your website and post updates on social media, so there’s no assurance that people will see the message if they check your social media pages or visit your shop.

On the other hand, an email campaign encourages you to deliver a letter directly to your mailing list, informing them of a special deal or additional valuable detail. Since most people check their email at least once a day, you can almost guarantee that your most ardent consumers can respond within 24 hours. This is one of the obvious advantages of email marketing that, when used properly, will help you grow your company.

Owning an Audience

This final argument is crucial because it is perhaps the most valuable advantage of all. It’s important to remember that you “own” the email list. By the end of the day, we’re all at the hands of different businesses and organizations that own a large portion of our digital footprint. You do not influence these digital bodies, whether it’s a trendy social media business page or the host the shop is on. Can you say with certainty that if the rest of the audience communicates with you on Facebook and the business goes bankrupt for whatever reason, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off somewhere else?

You own an email list. And if you use a single program, such as MailChimp, they do not hold your list; their service is just a medium you use to deliver emails. If necessary, you can “pass” the whole list somewhere else. This is where email marketing for eCommerce shines, and it allows you to create a loyal audience that will stick with you no matter what sites you use or how the internet evolves.

Not sure if you can do a full-fledged email campaign on your own? Don’t worry. You do not have to. We will gladly handle your campaign for you if you want to take advantage of all Cléome-store email marketing features has to offer when it comes to your eCommerce company. Our eCommerce marketing experts know how to put in place best practices that guarantee your list is handled with dignity while still maximizing the potential of this marketing tool to increase revenue.

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